Caprice 24®

Caprice 24®

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Caprice 24®

European Technology for Indian Farmers by MXB AGRO

Caprice 24® contains enzymatic hydrolyzed and microfilter
biologically active free amino acids


  •    Plants are able to synthesize all amino acids.
  •   Amino acids are needed by plants in all stages of growth

Free amino acids in Caprice 24 ®

Aspartic acid:1.81% Alanine:  1.14% Isoleucine:  0.54% Lysine: 2.03%
Threonine: 1.90%  Glycine: 2.19% Leucine.  1.55% Hystidine: 0.27%
Serine: 2.98% Valine: 1.31% Tyrosine: 0.23% Arginin: 2.87%
Glutamic: 2.23% Methionine: 0.44% Phenylanine: 0.67%  Proline: 1.84%

# Lysine, Methionine, and Glutamic Acid :- Pollination and Fruit formation

# Methionine is precursor of ethylene and growth : Maturity colour ,luster and brix

# Alanine, Valnine and Leucine improve quality of fruits

# Proline :- Hydro balance ,strengthen cell wall, , resistance to unfavorable climatic conditions

# Hystidine : proper ripening of fruits

  • Amino acids are a major component of protein
  • Proteins are produced from a chain of amino acids


  • Caprice 24™ is based on vegetable amino acids so it is rapidly absorbed and immediately transforms into protein.
  • It helps transportation within cell and availability of nutrients to plants.
  • It is biostimulant which provides strength to plant.
  • It acts as an important nutrient during protein synthesis (germination, fruiting, flowering, fruit growth and maturity) during the critical growth stages of the crop
  • Serves as a starting point for the synthesis of cellular molecules, such as vitamins, nucleotides, chlorophylls, enzymes, proteins, etc

Reccomendations :
1)New crop growth stage: – New vegetative growth ,branching,  buds to flower stage
2) Flowering and Fruit setting
3) Fruit growth/development stage
4) When crop is under stress i.e. :- Transplanting ,unfavorable  climate , Fruit load on plant
Application & Dose :- 2 ml/ lit for spray
                                     Soil application through drip :- 1 lit per acre



1 review for Caprice 24®

  1. Reyansh

    This is a very good product, very effective, my peppers were very nice after I used it.

    • MXB Agro Inputs

      Thanks for your feedback

      MXB AGRO Team

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