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Chitosan                                     :10% W/V

Natural Marine Extract               :08% W/V

Vitex Negunendo Extract            :06% W/V

Inert and Acidic Media to make   :100% W/V

KITINE-109 is an Organic Biostimulant fortified with Chitosan

Used as plant growth enhancer , boots ability of plants to defend against fungal infections.

It acts as a natural Anti Bacterial & Anti fungal agent for use in Agriculture & Horticulture


Its Usage : # Increases soil microbial life and organic matter


# Aids disease and insect suppression by producing

healthier plants.

# Increase capacity of plant for Stress Tolerance

Usage Rate :- Foliar Application 1-2 ml per liter of water

Reccomendations on Crops:- Rose ,Field Crops,Ornamentals,Home gardens & Nurseries & Vegetables


Direction for use- Shake well before use, mix desired quantity of KITINE- in a small quantity of water and stir well. Add this solution to sufficient quantity of water to achieve required coverage..

Note- store in cool, dry and adequately ventilated premises. Keep the lid tightly after use. Do not store diluted product.

Limited Warranty-  Except consistency in quality of product. However, we do not accept any liabilities on the losses, if any, since, the storage, handling and application of the product is beyond our control.

Compatibility :-  # Do not mix with Alkaline media product while spraying

# It is compatible with acidic base, Neutral/liquid fertilizers, Insecticides and Fungicides.




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