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Natural Extract                               :8% W/W

Inert and Acidic media to make ………….:100% W/W

PMS-010  A natural product derivative which increases resistance power of plants against Powdery Mildew

Usage :

PMS-010 can be used as foliar application.

It is non toxic water soluble

Don’t mix  with Sulphur or Copper based products

Dosage : Spray 2-3 ml per lit. of water

Crops  Recommended :

Rose, Grapes,Carnation,Cabbage,Watermelon, Chillies,Tomato,Capsicum,Vegetables & Cucurbits.

Note- store in cool, dry and adequately ventilated premises. Keep the lid tightly after use. Do not store diluted product.

Limited Warranty-  Except consistency in quality of product. However, we do not accept any liabilities on the losses, if any, since, the storage, handling and application of the product is beyond our control.



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