VERIN-028 is research plant bio nutrition useful for healthy plant growth, it increases flowering and fruiting in crops. Verin028 plays major role in improving fruit size and quality by providing various hormones and bio nutrition to the crops.VERIN-028 helps for improving shelf life of the produce.

VERIN-028 helps plant to withstand in stress and adverse climatic condition. It does not leave any poisonous residues in crops.

Crops :- Grapes, Banana, Mango, Capsicum, Pomegranate, Capsicum, Brinjal, Tomato, Onion, Melons, Papaya, Strawberry etc

Dose :- 1 ml/lit of water  Spray  full plant canopy and ensure full crop coverage for better results , Use diluted spray solution same day at early morning or in the evening hours of the day.

Compatibility: – It is compatible with most of the Fungicides and Insecticides generally used however we recommend to test compatibility with small quantity of Verin028 with other product before mixing full quantity

Shake well Before Use


Chemical composition

Amio Proteinated Mixture :                  25 %  w.v

Vitamins and Auxins                              10%    w/v

Cytokinine & Hormones                       05%    w/v

Filler & dissolving agent                       60%    w/v

Total                                                        100%   w/v



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