(for Agriculture use only)

Nonionic Super spreader and penetrator for agriculture application


WAY INN – Features & Benefits

  • It Ensures homogeneous and accurate distribution of crop protection products
  • WAY INN Dramatically decreases the surface tension & Improve Adhesion-Retention-deposition- Uptake due to low surface tension(below 22 m N/m).
  • Provides excellent Rain fastness of spray solution
  • Stomatal flooding and Enhanced cuticular penetration due to Ultra low surface tension.
  • WAY INN’s super spreading property helps in rapid movement of agrochemicals to the targeted sight.
  • It makes spray application more reliable, Reduces the rain free period for spray application.
  • WAY INN delivers active ingredients to the targeted sight even hard, waxy, covered by dust, spikes and offers best results in his class.
  • WAY INN is recommended to use on all crops with wide of range pesticides and plant growth regulators.

Chemical composition

Polyalkyleneoxide Modified Heptamethyl Trisiloxane  :84% w/w

Polyalkylene Oxide                                                     :16% w/w

Total                                                                          : 100% w/w

Appllication dosage

For— a)  Plant Growth Regulators                 : 0.025% to 0.05%

  1. b) Herbicides                                      : 0.025% to 0.15%
  2. c) Fungicides                                   : 0.015% to 0.05%
  3. d) Fertilizers and Micronutrients    : 0.015% to 0.10 %

Direction for use– strictly follow pesticides and plant growth regulators label instructions for tank filling, but fill water volume up to only  90% add WAY INN mix thoroughly, wait and add remaining water. Use rates depends on crop,stage,agrochemical and spray volume requirements.


Strictly follow the safety precautions as advised. Keep out of reach of children.

Wash face, hands and exposed skin thoroughly after handling, avoid contact with the liquid & its vapors. Wear suitable protective equipment’s like gloves, protective clothing, eye protection and face protection. Keep container tightly closed when not in use. In case of eye contact immediately flush eyes with plenty of water and continue washing for several minutes. In case of inhalation move to fresh air. call a Physician if symptoms develop or persist.



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